About us

It was a bright yellow Tanner Krolle bag, worn by Sarah, that broke the ice between us on our first day of work at LVMH. Our mutual obsession for beautiful handbags (as well as cheesy 90’s movies and cheap chocolate) quickly cemented our friendship. A bond which has spanned 15 years and counting.


Working in Marketing & PR for leading luxury brands we developed a deep understanding of how to construct a covetable brand universe. Our desire was always to create something unique - timeless handcrafted handbags that were affordable, yet without compromise.


Launched in November 2014, Aurora London quickly established a reputation and loyal customer following around the world. Handmade in Spain, in a family-run artisanal factory, using premium Spanish & Italian leathers, our classic, luxurious bags immediately resonated with women who desired to own a beautifully made bag but at a smart price. Thanks to exacting craftsmanship, word-of-mouth and press, the brand has grown steadily over the last five years. 


We are consistently grateful to our amazing customers and collaborators who believe in us and our brand DNA - gorgeous, timeless design, expertly made without compromise, at an affordable price point. It’s at the heart of everything we do and we can’t wait to share what’s coming soon.


Love Devina & Sarah xx