The Aurora London affiliate programme

Since 2014, Aurora London has been designing and crafting beautiful handbags and leather accessories which showcase a woman’s style and personality. Our classic designs transcend trends and never go out of style and we are looking for like-minded, stylish people to become our partners.

The benefits

Our baseline commission rates are 5% on all approved sales. We have a strong conversion rate which makes it more likely that you will get paid commission when someone reaches our website through your link.

We have ready to use creatives assets but we are happy for you to create your own & we can create some for you by request.

We have a dedicated affiliate contact who can help answer any questions you may have and provide anything you may need to run the program.

Become an affiliate partner

30 Day cookie window

Clear customer proposition

At least 5% sales commission on all sales generated for us

Ready-made creatives and freedom to create own creatives