‘We cut out the stores, the models, and the middlemen…that’s how we make affordable luxury.’

Luxury bags aren’t fashion accessories. They’re life’s most beautiful essentials. So don’t compromise on quality when class doesn’t need a price point.

Since 2014, Aurora London has been manufacturing luxurious but affordable handbags and leather accessories which showcase a woman’s style and personality. Our classic designs transcend trends and never go out of fashion.

We call it FOREVER STYLE. Because class is timeless, and beauty is evergreen.

Our mission has never changed: to make world-class bags at world-beating prices to empower women who won’t compromise. We consider this a ‘democratisation’ of the ownership of high-end fashion, to give you spending power.

Our handbags are designed for life, for living, for passion and pride.

They’re built to last, made for love, and inspired by craftsmanship of yesteryear for women with a vison of tomorrow.

We stitch them to perfection in Spain by craftsman who hand finish them with care. We use the same producers as exclusive brands charging ten times our price, but we have fewer pretentions and overheads: we cut out the stores, the models, and the middlemen, and we only sell online.

The result is a stunning portfolio of bags at extraordinary prices, so you can accessorise yourself in luxury to feel a million dollars without the price tag.

We also provide you with a great sales and after-sales service with fast delivery times. So you can shop with total confidence, and wear our bags with peace of mind.

Affordable high-end luxury handbags for women who won’t compromise on quality. It’s in our DNA.

‘We wish to thank our amazing customers who constantly show their appreciated to the brand.’

Love Aurora London xx