‘At Aurora London we think like you; price matters, but quality rules.’

There comes a moment when you know you deserve the luxury you can afford.

Aurora London is here to make that moment now. So you can wear the quality of handbags you want at peace of mind prices.

You are a discerning woman who recognises value for money. You won’t pay unconscionable prices for a brand name but you won’t settle for less.

To be a woman is to be passionate about style and fashion; to feel desirable and confident in how you showcase your personality.

At Aurora London we think like you: women deserve luxury without compromising quality. That’s why we are here: for when price matters, but quality rules.

We may not know you personally, yet, but we know you are unique and a perfectionist of style. You are what drives us to stay head of the crowd in the attention to detail  in our bags. You will also appreciate the modern twists we add to timeless, classic designs.

We know you care about ethical production and sustainability.

That’s why we manufacture in a family atelier known for its green credentials, so you can wear an exquisite handbag crafted from nature’s finest materials with total peace of mind.

Aurora London handbags are not just bargains, they are investments in your future. So celebrate your desire to own a beautifully crafted companion. Invest in yourself today and empower your sense of style.

‘Accessorise yourself with luxury to wear how you feel today.’

Love Aurora London xx