"There comes a point in a woman’s life where spending a large amount of money on a designer handbag becomes less of a priority due to more pressing financial commitments, yet the desire to own a stylish, timeless and beautifully crafted handbag is not diminished. We are passionate about seeking out the finest craftmanship and luxurious materials. From the most sumptuous Spanish and Italian leathers to gorgeous quality metal wear, all of our designs are created to transcend trends and last through seasons."

Aurora London


Spain is world famous for its leather and craftmanship, and supplies the majority of leading fashion houses and boutiques. Aurora London bags are hand-crafted in a generations-old, family-run atelier in the Ubrique, Cadiz region, which is synonymous with leather manufacturing. We sought out the best atelier we could find, as close to home as possible, to bring our designs to life. We work closely together as partners to create the best bags possible for our customers.


All of our designs are made to measure, to our exact specifications and to accommodate our fast-paced, multi-faceted lifestyles. Whether it is our best-selling cross-body Gigi, perfect for when you’re on the go, or the sleek and polished Cara, we are dedicated to ensuring that there is a bag to suit every style and occasion. The process starts with creating a thick paper prototype, or Salpa, of our design, which we will use to check the dimensions and proportions. Once verified, the atelier will then make a sample in our chosen materials. This is then trialed for a period of six weeks, when the design is put through excessive stress tests in a multitude of environments. This allows us to make any necessary changes or proceed to production.


Leather can be made from the skins of different animals but we use only cow leather that is a by-product of the food industry. Cow hides can all have a different thickness which is due to the fact that each animal is different, however our suppliers try to provide uniformity by creating the same thickness by placing the hide through a skiver. The leather is then dyed or tanned, using one of a variety of processes to create a certain type of colour. Leather is a natural by-product created from the skins of animals and will exhibit markings that can come in many forms including scars and wrinkles. These small imperfections are all signs that the leather is genuine. For further details on how to care for your Aurora London bag, please click here.