‘We are a designer brand with a conscience and we craft with care.’

Sumptuous Spanish and Italian leather, fashioned into luxurious bags, by generations-old craftsmen, in the artisan cradle of leatherworking.

Tradition meets classic designs with a modern twist in Aurora London bags.

Spanish Craftsmanship

The Spanish region of Ubrique, Cadiz, has been synonymous with bag manufacture since it was settled by Italian artisans in the 19th century producing saddlebags and tobacco pouches. Today the region is home to the leather production of the leading fashion houses including Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and Dior. Here we work closely with a generations-old family-run atelier which uses both local and Italian leathers to fashion handsome pieces following our own proprietary designs.

Sustainable Leatherworking

Surrounded by the world largest cork forest, high sierras, pristine rivers, and whitewashed mountain villages, it’s no wonder that local leatherworking is built on self-regulating sustainability: ethical animal husbandry, repurposed materials used waste efficiently, natural tanning and vegetables dying, with hand-finished detail over careless mass production. The fine-grade Spanish and Italian leathers we use are by-products of the food industry, and not harvested for skin alone.

Style with Conscience

Aurora London supports this fine, sustainable craftsmanship. So you can enjoy glamour and high fashion with good conscience and peace of mind.

‘We design bags for life; it’s a commitment to lasting style.’

Love Aurora London xx