'Every bag is subtly different with a character of its own. We make them unique, like you.'

Every Aurora London handbag and accessory is made from the finest grade Spanish and Italian leather. Our specifications are the same as the high-end fashion names.

Full-grain Leather

‘Full grain’ denotes the pattern on the outer layer of a skin. This stronger, more durable cut of leather uses the entire thickness of the hide. We prefer it to be milled or dried naturally as this helps preserve its wonderful pebbled texture without sanding or buffing the natural grain in the skin. This means every single bag produced is uniquely patterned.

 Hides pass through a skiver to ensure a uniform thickness and before being dyed or tanned to specification. Some leathers are pressed to give them a dappled effect, but a natural patina remains which will mature into a unique distinction. Finally, hand-applied treatments make the beautifully supple leather stain resistant.

 In preparing the blemish-free hides, all of the oil-absorbing properties and original leather characteristics remain intact. So full-grain leather ages wonderfully and develops a characterful patina over the years giving it a warm, lived-in appeal. Full-grain leather is more costly and difficult to work with, but the results are always worthwhile.

Lush Leather

Leather can also be referred to as ‘lush’. Lush is fine Italian, aniline-dyed leather with a soft and supple feel, also known as ‘Napa’. It’s stained with a combination of soluble dyes or oils, followed by a protective topcoat to give it excellent durability with a wonderful tactile feel. 

Saffiano leather

Saffiano was once the signature name of the distinctive leather effect developed by the founder of the fashion house Prada. The top-grade, full-grain leather we use for this finish is textured with a fine crosshatch pattern embossed into a wax coating by a stamping machine. The result is a highly scratch-resistant, durable, and easy to clean surface with water repelling properties.

Mock croc leather effect

We don’t skimp on leather quality when designing bags with a mock croc effect. This deep embossment of the cowhide raises the surface to create a two-tone colour effect with a firm feel and shiny texture. Scales look luxuriously imperfect and just as hard-wearing as real reptilian skin.

Zamak hardware

Our signature pale-gold hardware and zips are constructed from Zamak, an alloy of magnesium, aluminium, zinc and copper, but harder and lighter when combined. Chosen for its corrosion resistance and colour-fast hypoallergenic properties, Zamak has captured the heart of fashion designers seeking hard-wearing functional beauty. Casting in the die-cast method ensures the hardware with not darken or fade with time, while allowing a high degree of casting accuracy before it’s finally polished to perfection. 

‘The signature of a great bag is written in the quality of the materials.’